Limping For Sympathy

Mon Nov 3

Christopher Hitchens: Christianity Is Totalitarian (via agnosticman77)

Sun Oct 26

electric stimulus to face -test3 ( Daito Manabe ) (via daito)

Thu Sep 11

Damon Condemns Palin

Sat Sep 6
Tue Sep 2
möbius’ war

möbius’ war

Flobots - Handlebars (via universalmusicgroup)

Mon Sep 1

big asteroid impact simulation (via alistron1)

Sun Aug 31
Obama apparently saves puppy mills.

Obama apparently saves puppy mills.

Fri Aug 29

Fractal Wrongness

The state of being wrong at every conceivable scale of resolution. That is, from a distance, a fractally wrong person’s worldview is incorrect; and furthermore, if you zoom in on any small part of that person’s worldview, that part is just as wrong as the whole worldview.

Debating with a person who is fractally wrong leads to infinite regress, as every refutation you make of that person’s opinions will lead to a rejoinder, full of half-truths, leaps of logic, and outright lies, that requires just as much refutation to debunk as the first one. It is as impossible to convince a fractally wrong person of anything as it is to walk around the edge of the Mandelbrot set in finite time.

If you ever get embroiled in a discussion with a fractally wrong person on the Internet—in mailing lists, newsgroups, or website forums—your best bet is to say your piece once and ignore any replies, thus saving yourself time.

Keunwoo Lee : Lexicon 2
Tue Aug 26
You think the Creator of the Universe cares personally about your life, and that you know, with absolute certainty, what he wants for all of humankind. While I think that we’re basically alone, not very special, and are just fumbling through our random existence trying to do the best we can. And I’m the arrogant one? The Best Retort for the “Atheists Are Arrogant” Argument
Sat Aug 23
Sculling in the forest - via

Sculling in the forest - via

Wed Aug 20
Fri Aug 15

The Kayes Effect. (Watch this, it’s genuinely cool)

Thu Aug 14
The Dark Knight Returns (Riddler)

The Dark Knight Returns (Riddler)